voxelizer  A  voxelization program developed by A. Karabassi and G.Papaioannou.Uses the depth-buffer voxelization algorithm described in "A fast depth-buffer-based voxelization algorithm" by E.A. Karabassi, G. Papaioannou and T. Theoharis, jgt 4(4), pp.5-10.
 fur demos

 fur source code

An OpenGL-based fur technique by G. Papaioannou. The fur effect is achieved by overaying extruded shells of the original surface with different opacity maps for each layer. You will need the GLUT library to run the demos (and of course a decent graphics accelerator).
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Document class cglarticle.cls can be used for our technical reports and as a starting point in preparing journal papers.

cglarticle.tex is a list of instructions and startup tips for newcomers to La(TeX). It also explains the use of cglarticle.cls