by Georgios Papaioannou & Evaggelia Aggeliki Karabassi

Computer Graphics Lab
Dept. of Informatics
University of Athens


(click on the thumbnails for larger versions)
A simple NURBS surface patch covered with "layered" fur and rendered in 3DStudio MAX.   Screenshot from one of the downloadable demos which uses our technique in OpenGL to render an animated field. 
A doormat. This scene, modelled and rendered in 3DStudio MAX, demonstrates the interaction between the fur-coating, other scene parts and ray-traced shadows. The welcoming message on the mat was made by multiplying a fur density map with each fur layer.  A simple example of the use of the fur generation technique in conjunction with OpenGL. For more details check out the downloads section
A fluffy elephant (!). The image was rendered in 3DStudio MAX. For this image, shadow maps were used for the light occlusion tests. Real time hair-over-hair and hair-over-skin shadows for relatively flat fur-coated surfaces. The image is a screenshot from one of the demos.
The portrait of an old man (with elfish ears). The scene was modelled and rendered in 3DStudio MAX. The facial skin and hair maps were painted in Photoshop. The man's hair and beard are created with our fur generation technique. Demonstration of the use of our layered fur in terain visualization.

Download the OpenGL layered fur demos *- Executable files only (for Windows 98/2000/NT/me).

Download the OpenGL layered fur demos - Source Code (all programs use the GLUT libraries and dlls which are not included. To get them click here).

* For the supplied demos a decent 3D graphics accelerator is strongly recomended.