The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
             Probably the largest collection of bibliographies of scientific literature in computer science. 
             Contains about 1,200  bibliographies with more than 930,000 references. 

             Official site of SIGGRAPH, the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics. 

 ACM SIGGRAPH Artist's Bookshelf
             SIGGRAPH 's recommended publications for computer artists. Topics include : 
             3D modeling, animation, programming, fractals, CAD, graphic design, VR, multimedia, visual computing 

 SIGGRAPH Bibliography Database
              The SIGGRAPH Bibliography Database contains references to over 16,000 publications in the computer graphics literature. 

 Meshing Research Corner
              Compilation of literature on unstructured mesh generation.Contains abstracts of almost 500 journal articles and complete papers 
              for the past three years of the International Meshing Roundtable. 

 Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library
             Collection of computer science technical reports. 

 Multiresolution Modeling Bibliography
             Bibliography and links on  multiresolution modeling and surface simplification, 
             collected by Michael Garland and Paul Heckbert at  Carnegie Mellon University. 

 Ray Tracing Bibliography
             A bibliography of ray tracing related references, compiled by Eric Haines and Paul Heckbert. 

  INRIA Publications
             Reports from the Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique. 

             Kinetix home page, featuring 3D Studio, probably the most popular 3D software for PC users . 

            Newtek home page, featuring Lightwave used in the creation of Babylon 5, Titanic etc. 

 Alias Wavefront
            Alias Wavefront, including the famous Power Animator and the newer Maya. 

            The Persistence of Vision ray tracer, the most widely used ray tracing package (freeware). 

             Includes DesignWorkshop Lite, a freeware 3D modeler. 

 OpenGL site
              Official OpenGL site. Contains downloads, tutorials and OpenGL related  news. 

 GLUT Download
               GLUT ( OpenGL Utility Toolkit ) is  a window system independent  toolkit for writing OpenGL programs. 
               It implements a simple portable windowing API for OpenGL. 

 OpenGL & Visual C++ 4.x Tutorial
               Tutorial for using OpenGL with Visual C++. 

Introduction to OpenGL
              An introduction to OpenGL basics. 

Guide to Learning OpenGL
              A good tutorial to OpenGL

 Center for Innovative Computer Applications
              Contains information on various 3D object file formats and as well as hints on how to view them from a Web browser. 

 3D and 4D Graphic File Formats
             Links to descriptions of 3D File formats and formats used in animations and advanced visualization. 

 3D Gallery
             Various 3DS objects by  Patrick McBride. 

 Bryce Repository
             Huge compilation of links. Topics include textures and terrains, photoshop plug-ins, 3D objects, tutorials etc. 

 3DS2POV Home Page
            Home page of 3DS2POV, a converter of 3DS files to POV format. 

 Amazing 3D Graphics
           3D models by Amazing 3D Graphics Inc. Models are offered in the following file formats: 3DS, MAX, or Truespace (COB/SCN). 

 Forward Design
           3D objects collection by aForward design, plus a downloadable 3D object browser. 

            Huge site, with textures, models, tutorials for all 3D programs. 

  3D Characters Depot
           Character models at VCANet.