Name Georgios Papaioannou 
Date of birth
Place of birth
Athens, Greece
Occupation Doctoral candidate
Contact address

Phone number

Department of Informatics, University of Athens
TYPA Buildings, Panepistimiopolis, Ilisia
15784, Athens, Greece

georgep AT 

Education 1997-now   : PhD candidate 
                       Department of Informatics and Telecommuncations, University of 
                       Athens, Greece 
1992-1996 : 4 year B.Sc. in Computer Science 
                       Department of Informatics, University of Athens, Greece 
Research Interests -realistic 3D rendering
-real-time rendering techniques
-processing of structured or unstructured 3D data
-multidimensional signal processing and pattern analysis
-computer vision
Memberships IEEE Member
Projects 1999-2000   "Virtual Environment for the Restoration of Archaeological Finds" 
                       (University of Athens research grand #70/4/3241) 

1998-2000 :   PATRA (EPET II / PAVE) 

1998-1999 :   “Computer Aided Simulation and Graphical
                        Representation of Accumulation Phenomena”
                       (University of Athens research grand #70/4/3241)

1998-1999 : PARROT (ESPRIT 24960) 

1998 :           3DHEARTVIEW (ESPRIT 24484)

1997-1998 :  “Computer Aided Restoration of Archaeological
                         Monuments using Computer Graphics” 
                         (University of Athens research grand #70/4/3241)

Publications G. Papaioannou, E.A. Karabassi, T. Theoharis, Virtual Archaeologist: Assembling the Past, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 21(2), pp. 53-59, 2001. 

G. Papaioannou, T. Theoharis, A. Boehm, A Texture Controller, The Visual Computer, Springer-Verlag, 14(10), pp 488-496, 1998.

E.A. Karabassi, G. Papaioannou, Th. Theoharis, A Fast Depth Buffer Based Voxelization Algorithm, Journal of Graphics Tools, ACM, 4(4), pp.5-10, 1999.

M. Hatzitheodorou, A. Karabassi, G. Papaioannou, A. Boehm, T. Theoharis, Stereo Matching Using Optic Flow, Real Time Imaging, Academic Press, 6(4), pp. 251-266, 2000.

E.A. Karabassi, G. Papaioannou, Th. Theoharis, Intersection Test for Collision Detection in Particle Systems, Journal of Graphics Tools, ACM, 4(1), pp 25-37, 1999.

G. Papaioannou, E.A. Karabassi, T. Theoharis, Segmentation and Surface Characterization of Arbitrary 3D Meshes for Object Reconstruction and Recognition, Proceedings of the International Conference on Pattern Recognition ‘2000, IEEE, 2000, pp. 734-737.

G. Papaioannou, E.A. Karabassi, T. Theoharis, Automatic Reconstruction of Archaeological Finds - A Graphics Approach, Proc. of the 4th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence (3IA' 2000), Limoges, France, pp117-125, 2000. 

T. Theoharis, G. Papaioannou, E. A. Karabassi, The Magic of the Z-Buffer: A Survey, Proceedings of the 9-th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (WSCG '2001), pp. 379-386, 2001.

2 chapters in the book Computer graphics, Principles and Algorithms by T. Theoharis, A. Boehm (in Greek), SYMMETRIA,1999 

Teaching Experience 1997 - now :  Lectures for Computer Graphics I and II courses
                       Department of Informatics of the University of Athens.

1998 - now :  OpenGL programming courses. 

Technical Experience -Advanced OpenGL programming (multipass-rendering, non-photorealistic rendering, volume visualization, etc.).
-8-year practical experience in 3D modeling, animation and realistic texture mapping.
-Excellent knowledge of 3D Studio MAX and Photoshop tools.
-Programming of custom plugins for 3DStudio MAX (MAXscript and C) and POVRay.
-Experience with 3D digitizing equipment
-Good knowledge of other tools like Maya and POVRay. 
-System administrator (Department of Informatics, University of Athens, 1997-1998).
Languages English (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency)
French (Elementary)
Personal Interests music, 3D modeling, painting, literature, woodworking